Welcome to my site!

Here you can inform yourself about me and my programming experience.

What I Do

Programming - I have knowledge in different topics of programming...
I have basic knowledge in Lua, Python and ABAP; Extended knowledge in html and css; Semi professionell knowledge in Java, php and javascript including nodeJS; I'm interested in different technology topics, like system and software architecture, new rendering technologys and so on...
I'm using this knowledge in several projects and in my work as an IT Specialist.


Who I Am

I'm 18 years old. I've started programming in 2013 as a hobby. Since 2016 I'm working as an IT Specialist Application Development at SAP. In my free time I'm also interested in games and if I'm not programming or working, i play some games. I love music. That's the reason why I'm listening to it most of the time. I played drums for 5 years but paused now in regard of the neighbours.



rativals is a kind of a social network project to meet up people, rate festivals, concerts or other events. It's still in development and work in progress. You can stay up to date on my twitter account, on this website or on rativals.com



After some time in different minecraft server teams...I've started my own project in this sector. We've started as a small team and created a cool result which we can be proud of. Unfortunetly we have no resources to promote us and this was the reason to end this project after a year. You can get a small look into the project if you watch our old release trailer. To the trailer
If you have questions about this please write me an email: niklas.siemer@troobits.de



If you want to be updated about my work and my projects you should follow this website and follow me on twitter. If you have any questions write me an email: niklas.siemer@troobits.de